2018, I’m Doing Me

2017 was the year I pushed myself to finally become the mental health advocate I had dreamed of. I worked with incredible organizations, influencers, and content creators. I created Resilience Diaries – a platform to share my own struggles and successes in my recovery.

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My intention behind the Resilience Diaries was simple.

I want to help at least one person realize their own resilience.

For me, discovering my own resilience was like learning that I had a hidden super power. It meant that, no matter how many ways life tried to stretch/ tear/ tangle/ break me, with support and self-care, I would recover. I’d choose resilience over invisibility or super-strength any day.

Looking back at the year, I can say I’ve done that and maybe even a little more. To say I am proud of me is an understatement. It was like I had this itch for years, just out of reach and finally, I scratched it. Unfortunately, I also pulled my shoulder in the process. Know the feeling?


I can start to feel the effects of spreading myself too thin, of sharing too often, of getting too caught up in the numbers of likes and followers. I am starting to feel the weight of the sacrifices I made to my own mental health.

Thankfully, I’ve become more intuitive with my mental health and I can say with confidence that I am far from trouble. But in order to keep things this way, I’m adopting Drake’s outlook for the New Year:

What am I doing?

Oh yeah, that’s right – I’m doin’ me


I have absolutely loved hearing and witnessing the impact I have had as a mental health advocate thus far and I hope that I can continue to fight the stigma, but not at the cost of my own mental health. I have a pretty tough semester ahead (including defending my Master’s thesis ah!) so, I will be taking extra measures to practice self-compassion and self-care. What are you doing for you this year?

Love Always,



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