Puppy Appreciation Post

In case you haven’t realized from all my social media, my boyfriend adopted a 7-week old shorkie & I’m obsessed.

If you’ve ever seriously contemplated adopting a pet, especially for mental health reasons, I  recommend you take the leap. Yes, it’s a huge commitment & I mostly just enjoy the cuddles, but I’ve always believed that if you really want something in your life, you’ll make it work.

I thought I’d share ten things I love the most about Clark…. mostly so I can show off our adorable photoshoot from this weekend. Enjoy!

1. He’s an expert in cuddles. 

2. He will try to eat anything, especially my slippers, which makes me laugh. 

3. He makes everyone around us smile, and seeing everyone else smile makes me smile.

4. He makes me more social and less anxious. 

5. He always comes running when he hears me call his name and that makes me feel really special. 

6. He strongly endorses play time during study breaks.

7. He reminds me to self-care by taking naps whenever and wherever he wants. 

8. He thinks he’s a big guard dog that can take anything that comes my way. 

9. He’s there for me on my worst & my best days. 

10. He brings hope. 

Love Always,


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