Sint Maarten

I’ve been to several Caribbean islands but have never experienced anything like Sint Maarten. It’s been a day back in Toronto and I am already reminiscing about the beautiful beaches, ocean views, and WARM weather. Here’s a recap of my week spent on “one friendly island”.

The Resort:

We stayed at the Oyster Bay Beach Resort, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the Oyster Bay Marina. The infinity pool overlooking the ocean was my favourite.

IMG_9996IMG_9817 (1)IMG_0151

The Beaches:

Sint Maarten is 37 km2  with a total of 37 beaches (one every square kilometre). We visited two of them, Orient Beach and Maho Beach.

Orient Beach

Orient Beach is one of the busiest beaches on the island and is referred to by the locals as “Club O”. It’s most famous for being clothing optional but don’t worry, there aren’t any nude photos below.


We actually visited Orient Beach again to try parasailing. The view was breath-taking and it felt like I was flying! I didn’t take my phone up because I thought I’d drop it in the Atlantic ocean so here’s a pic my mom took of my sister and I while we were up there.


Maho Beach

Maho Beach is famous for being incredibly close to the Princess Juliana International Airport, like so close that there is a risk of being jet blasted into the ocean. You can see what I mean by that here.


The Food:

The cuisine in Sint Maarten is a mixture of French, Creole and Italian. When my family travels, we love to try the local foods. My two favourite “lo-lo’s”, as the locals called them, were The Jerk and Café Atlantico.

The Jerk

The Jerk serves a variety of Jamaican foods. I tried the vegetable fried rice and chickpea curry. It was so spicy and delicious!


Café Atlantico

Café Atlantico is one of the island’s most popular breakfast spots. The owners are two brothers from France and their french toast is the best I’ve ever had.


The Capital:

In the middle of the week, we ventured to the island’s capital, Philipsburg, for some local shopping. Many of the streets are French-inspired with an “island twist”.


Trip to Saint Barthes:

The island for the “rich and famous” is conveniently located 45 minutes away by an express ferry so we decided to spend our last day in Saint Barthes.

IMG_0254.jpgIMG_0261 (1).jpgIMG_0266.jpg

While on the island, we visited the very accurately named “Shell Beach”. We had lunch there, at a restaurant called Shellona.


Honestly, I can’t believe we were there for the week, it flew by so quickly. By far, it is my favourite island in the Caribbean with so much to do and incredibly friendly people. This is one place I intend to return to.

Most of all, I want to thank my amazing parents for spoiling us with this amazing trip. We are incredibly lucky.

Love Always,

– A

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