Dear Body,

You’ve stood by my side as I pulled at your sides and pinched at your folds. You’ve endured hunger and pain as I pushed you further and further. You’ve heard me cry out for any other body in the world. A thinner body, a taller body, an anything-but-my-own body. You felt the pain. You carried the self-hate. You waited patiently for the day I’d realize how lucky I am to call you home.

I am sorry it took me so long to realize how much I love you. But I finally do.

I love your smile and how it dimples on the right side.

I love the beauty spot on the right side of your nose.

I love your cheek bones.

I love your hair and how it naturally curls.

I am learning to love your nose but I promise I’m trying.

Also, I am learning to love how one eye squints when you smile real big, I guess that’s pretty cute.

I love your arms, noodle-like and all.

I love your curves, when we sit and stand.

I love your legs and their strength.

I love your scars and stretch marks – they remind me of how much we’ve grown, survived and healed.

I finally love that you are 5ft 2. We probably won’t be modelling any time soon and I’m 100% happy about that because there are so many other incredible things we can do. Like a headstand! Let’s try to do a headstand ok?

Anyway, I just want to say I’m proud of you. You literally em-BODY my resiliency & I am so grateful to have you. I promise to try to love you even more every day.


Love always,


Photo credits: Tessla Stuckey

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